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New to Yoga

Hello all I'm fairly new to Yoga and I am hoping to learn more and more each day on a fitness level. My first goals are:

-to increase my flexibility
-to increase my stamina
-to decrease my stress levels
-to pair with appropriate nutrition to battle the current illnesses I have - epilepsy, chronic fatigue, chronic anaemia and insulin resistance.

My BMI is perfectly healthy for my age, height and weight, but I have a family history of Type 2 Diabetes, and although I am slim, I have just been diagnosed with the first step of getting the disease - insulin resistance. So I'm taking my health into my hands and transforming my lifestyle so that I can hopefully avoid it.

At the moment I am self-teaching myself Yoga (I have 4 kids so getting to the gym for a Yoga class is kinda tricky). I'm using the FitStar Yoga app that is paired to my FitBit. So far, I'm finding it a good tool for learning about poses, but maybe sometime in the future I will likely find a Yoga teacher to help on poses that I am getting wrong. For now, it will have to do.

I also walk every day and dance in the living room with my kids

Any advice is greatly welcome.
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Everyone has their own unique story of their start on the path of yoga. Fostering a deeper interest using online classes, an app or Youtube is fine and dandy. Just know that you are getting mere drops of water in what is otherwise a vast ocean.

Just as planets have their place (alignment) and your home stands up due to the solidity of its foundation, so too does your body have a place (spatially speaking) and your practice is built upon the foundation of feet and hands.

I hope Yoga supports you in all that you pursue.

Namaste (bow me you).
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