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Some specific Bikram questions:

Recently I attended a Bikram studio where the instructor told me(well yelled actually but that's bikram) to pull my fingers below my face(arms down as well) in eagle pose. I thought that your wrapped fingers were supposed to block your gaze and create a "beak" look ????
Also, Bikram refers and does triangle with a bent front leg leg - I am confused on this as I thought triangle had both legs straightened???
Please advise
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As for Eagle pose, that is how it is done in Bikram, they want shoulders down, elbows down creating a stretch between the shoulder blades. Same thing for triangle, it is done that way with one leg bent.
I used to do only Bikram yoga, now I do mostly Moksha where they give you alternative ways to do different poses. I do not think there is a right or a wrong way. The pose just has to be done as it is intended, with the right alignment and the right aim.Ask them to explain the poses to you so that you get a feel for what it is they want you to aim for.
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Hello Jenifer,

That is not an alignment-based practice and therefore alignment questions relative to the asana practice are difficult to offer. I could not tell you why or wherefore on the things you mention in these two poses.

My personal choosing of an alignment-based practice for me can best be conveyed through analogy; a bent garden hose does not effectively water it's plant bed.

What each person must determine for themselves is whether the garden bed of their living is being effectively watered by the actions of their choosing.
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