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what do people do to carry/store yoga blocks

hi , does it make sense to buy a yoga bag that you can put your mat,strip,and 2 or more yoga blocks? Do people take their blocks to class? finally should I just store them in a plastic bag just to save money?
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Well I rarely take blocks to class. Rather I choose to go to a studio that has a complement of yoga props. It's part and parcel of my studio selection process.

On the rare occasion I have taken a block I toss it in my yoga bag. I've got a bag with two clasp straps underneath and I secure my mat there. The bag has a top zipper and a shoulder strap. I put the block in the zippered compartment, when there is room.

I would not store any of my yoga stuff in plastic bags. I think it doesn't breathe and theres a chance for things to get musty. I stack my blocks, mats, and blankets with a couple bolsters in one section of my flat. And there they stay.
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so basicly people leave their blocks at home base on yoga class provide them is that correct. I have got hooked in yoga by just trying it out at la fitness club. They only provide a hard mat thing and a yoga mat and thats it. I never see anybody bring a yoga block. Just a strip and a mat and a yoga bag. So I do have my yoga blocks just lying on a box is this okay. I like it to be more pro by having them in a yoga bag or is that dumb. So should I get a wai lani deluxe yoga bag or the strip that holds the mat in the roll form and then you carry it. Can you suggest a yoga dvd that is full 60 minutes and is loaded with as many pose as possiable. I do like the rodney yee dvds. I have that 4 set that you can buy at costco.
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What ever you do, DON'T store your props in plastic. They are meant to breathe. Definitely don't want mold or bacteria from sweat building up on the equipment you plant your face on to breathe!

My opinion is to invest in a nice big bag. I like to carry my props with me b/c of the "germ" situation...especially during cold season...bring your own stuff with you to eliminate mixing with any bugs. Not so important during the rest of the year probably. I agree with Inner Athlete, that going to a fully equipped yoga studio is ideal. But these days with smaller studios popping up all over the place, finding a well equipped studio might not be easy...

good luck!
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Some places have props, some don't. Some classes use props, some don't. (If you are in a place without props, the class will tend not to use props!) I'd wait a bit on a bag and see what you need. Otherwise you can easily wind up with an assortment of special purpose bags you don't like or use. Don't put anything in plastic.

Since I rarely use blocks I don't worry about taking any along to places that don't have them and rarely does anyone else I see, but if I wanted to I could easily toss them in a random tote bag. Mine are just decorating a corner at home, they go nicely with the carpet.

For my mat I prefer strap type holders to bags, my favorite mats are heavy and sticky and tend not to go in the bags well. I made a mat carrier out of a yoga strap and a couple quick release buckles, works great and I can still use it as a strap. The buckles actually make it easier to hold onto. I used to use a strap carrier that closed with velcro, and I hated how loud it was when I opened it in a quiet room!
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