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Yoga to help restore curvature to a straight neck

I apologize if this has been asked before, I just could not find it using the search feature.

My question I hope is somewhat simple. I have recently had x-rays and confirmed that my neck is almost completely straight, with some slight calcium deposit in between I believe C6, C7 and C8 (didn't clarify when discussing it with doc). The vertebrae are generally well aligned otherwise.

I am hoping I can get some advice on specific poses or asana practices that may help to restore the curvature in my neck. As a side note, wondering if the calcium deposit can possibly be worn away, or somehow otherwise can be caused to go away, or if I am likely stuck with it.

So far I've read that I should pull the head back and tuck the chin a little at least once every hour (but to be constantly aware of it when I can) to help this throughout the day and to build new posture habits in this manner. I also make sure my shoulders are back and my shoulder blades are down my back when I'm doing this.

Doc has also suggested a therapeutic pillow that supports the neck as I sleep on my back or side (which I have purchased). I cannot sleep with a regular pillow as it causes me a lot of pain.

I am a 48yr old woman who is constantly intending to resume a regular yoga practice, but it seems I manage to work in a couple of one hour routines in a week, then slip up and do next to none for a week. This is better than a month ago, but not as good as I was doing two years ago.

If you need more details about my specific case, I can give them. I am hoping that my situation is simple enough that there are some good ideas I can just start with. Thank you all in advance!


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