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Dear Tom: For years I've read and saved articles in Yoga International by you but I wonder if you could help me with this one.

I?m writing to you in a sort of a desperation call. I?m sure it?s over use syndrome but what's a good way of going about healing my sesamoiditis under my left big toe. It could be because of my Ashtanga jumps, which I've stopped and it still hurts. I have done some research on the net but Yoga Teachers have to use the balls of their feet, what should I do and not do to help it heal. The Podiatrist checked not broken bones or fractures but I need to do my yoga practice. Do you have any idea about this? I realize it could be a structural problem that manifests in the big toe, but nevertheless which things should I do and not do? Curling my toes in hurts.

Do you have the names of yoga therapists in my area (mid-peninsula Bay Area, San Mateo, CA) that could help me with this? I would really appreciate a short email from you or someone from your organization. Should I put my left big toe in a cast or at least a removable one? Thanks for your help in advance.

Namaste. Leon
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Leon - OUCH. That must hurt. I must admit I have not come across this one before from a yogi that is. The inflammation of the sesamoid bone can come from continued pressure on hard surfaces. This is most common with long distance runners who train on asphalt and ballet dancers who over train. I would suggest the obvious -- that you have cited and not do jumping?s, wear better cushioned shoes and if need be get a prosthesis for the great toe. My stepdaughter developed trouble with her great toe as a ballet dancer of 16. We went around and had a heavy removable toe support custom made for her in the prosthesis shop of Children's Hospital in Boston, following referral by an orthopedic physician. This solved the problem for her.

I know no one trained as a yoga therapist in this area of Calif. I am training people now but no one has completed the 2-3 year course. When I come to Calif. you could see me, check my schedule on the Website link below.

An underlying issue to concern yourself with is that you are overdoing your practice and feel a need to continue to do it. Are you getting a message about being gentle and yet persistent? I would highly recommend looking into Ayurvedic literature and doing what you can to lessen pitta, develop more tejas and contemplate the significance of your great toe. Some other food for thought - In reflexology this bone relates to the base of the neck.
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